High Shear Granulator MHS-10B - New

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Power On/Off
  • Start Process with Timer
  • Variable Speed Motor Controls
  • Discharge Function
  • Bottom Drive Main Impeller/Side Mounted Multi-Bladed Chopper
  • 10 Liter Total Volume Product Bowl GMP design for processing 1 to 3 kilos
  • Spray Nozzle Assembly (Optional)
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces
  • Pharmaceutical Finish
  • Sanitary Clamps
  • Liquid or Powder Addition Hopper
  • Filter Housing with Metal Cartridge and Sanitary Clamp Connection
  • Portable on 4 Casters
  • Automatic Product Discharge Valve
  • Sight Glass
  • Counter-Weighted Sealed Lid with Gasket
  • Wash-In-Place

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MHS-10B Brochure

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