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Automatic Suppository Machines

Automatic machines for suppository filling, cooling and sealing

The BP-2 is our smallest suppository filler, designed for small batch productions and compliments the BP-3; the suppository sealer that also codes and cuts the film. Both of these machines are bench top units and can run up to 3,600 suppositories or ovules per hour.

The newly designed CU-1 cooling unit is a compact alternative to the previous model, the CU-2. This machine brings your product from a liquid to a homogeneous solid.

Video of the BP-2, BP-3 & CU-2 suppository system

The larger set of these units is the BP-10/11 and CU-4. Designed for labs and higher production facilities, these machines can produce up to 6,000 shells per hour.

All units can be purchased individually or together as a complete system. All units are manufactured by Dott. Bonapace in Milan, Italy according to CE and GMP rules.

Perfect for R&D labs or small production batches in pharmaceutical, medical cannabis, supplement and nutraceutical industries. Parts and service available. 

    Preformed suppository and ovule shells available. Please contact us for a questionnaire. 

    Suppository Brochure

    New CU-1 Brochure 

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