High Shear Granulators

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Applications

High Shear Granulators range from laboratory to production sizes for dry mixing, blending, and wet granulation.

Lab sizes are ideal for Research & Development, clinical supplies and small production batches. Lab models include 6, 10, 25 liter bowl sizes. Production sizes include 100, 200, 300, and 600 liter bowls.

Top and bottom drive machines have purged mixer and chopper seals. Units include touch screen controls with Amp/Kw readout. The interior of the vessel is mirror polished ensuring smooth and active particle movement.

The granule is formed by the motion of the specially designed wing tip tri-blade agitator and the shape of the bowl. Jacketed bowls are available.

All models have an interior with a mirror finish and are made using 316 stainless steel on all product contacts surfaces.


MHS-25T Brochure

MHS-10B Brochure

Type: Equipment